Why Is Your Beef



The most important reason we’re a little more expensive is very simple. Higher quality. It’s why we call our beef Above Prime.

Whether judged on flavor, tenderness, marbling – you name it – supermarket beef just can’t hold a candle to a Snow Creek Ranch Steak.

Our Process

Because the health and well-being of our cows is so important to us, our process is inspired by Temple Grandin’s theories of ethical animal husbandry.

That means we specially train our cowhands to be as quiet as possible in the pasture. It means we use rotational grazing for pest and weed control and to help our native grasses thrive, instead of intensive fertilization and pesticide use. It’s part of our commitment to good stewardship of this land with which we’ve been blessed.


Snow Creek Ranch is small, independent and family-owned. That means we don’t accept the government subsidies available to industrial ranches. We don’t get volume discounts on feed, butcher’s fees and other expenses. It means we pay our ranch hands and sales people what they’re actually worth.

Remember: family farming is as old as our nation itself. When you buy a steak from us, you’re supporting an American tradition.


We Have the Beef.

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