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21 Days of Dry Aging – The Secret to Intense Steakhouse Flavor

The main purpose of dry aging is to improve tenderness. During aging, enzymes get to work on your meat, breaking down the muscle fibers and connective tissue. This makes your steak more tender, intensifies its flavor, and improves the texture.

As a bonus, it also makes your steak easier to digest and causes fewer problems for beef lovers with food allergies or GI distress.

Wet Aged Vs. Dry Aged

Most supermarket beef is wet aged. It’s faster and cheaper, but it doesn’t intensify the flavor of your steak like dry aging does. 

Dry aging is also more sanitary than wet aging (that’s one reason we’ve never been subject to a beef recall), you don’t pay for water weight, and it helps to make our hand-cut steaks tender and intensely beefy, with that characteristic steakhouse flavor we all love.

Aged Like Fine Wine

Tenderness – 21 days of dry aging makes our steaks so tender, they’re buttery in texture! They almost literally melt in your mouth!

Flavor – The juices are concentrated, making the flavor more robust and providing a deliciously rich mouth feel.

Juiciness – Dry aged beef is noticeably juicier than wet aged beef.


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