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Good Stewards

One of our most important values and tasks is to take care of the land we’re blessed to work. That’s why we use rotational grazing to minimize the need for chemical fertilizers on the pasture. 

It’s why Doc was intimately familiar with every kind of grass and wildflower on the prairie. It’s why we treat each cow as an individual, and not just a unit of beef on a spreadsheet. Our land is a gift and it’s our responsibility to take care of it.

Ranching in Harmony with Nature

Our management strategy intends to create a sustainable future for the 3rd generation of our family and beyond. That means we work hard to foster biodiversity in the pastures, so they’ll remain healthy and productive.

We graze our cattle rotationally to mimic the foraging, free-roaming lifestyle they would lead in the wild. It’s why our cows are exclusively grass fed for most of their lives, before transitioning to our secret flax finishing program.

We think it’s pretty simple. When we take care of the land and our herd, they take care of us – and you – providing the richly marbled, incredibly tender Above Prime Beef we love so much.

Our Sacred Trust

Our mission is grounded in the belief that caring for our land is a sacred trust, and that healthy, happy cows provide delicious, healthy beef.

We strive to honor our beautiful corner of Creation with every decision and every action. We believe it’s our responsibility to help our cows live their best life. We wouldn’t consider putting them into unclean surroundings or cause them undue stress.  

And in a world where you can’t always tell how good your beef is going to be when you buy it, or trust what kind of a ranch you’re dealing with, we’re dedicated to running our business with transparency and integrity, and with the best interests of you – our customer – always in mind.


We Have the Beef.

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