What is Beef Champion?

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Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed some changes around here over the last couple of months as we’ve updated and reconfigured our website.

Well, here’s some news for you. These changes are more than just cosmetic. In conjunction with the shiny new website, we’re rolling out a new program.

Beef Champion is our version of a meat by mail service, allowing you to get year-round access to the amazing Black Angus beef and steaks we normally offer only at Farmers Markets.

Folks who sign up to be Champions get our mouth-watering beef at the same great prices we offer at the markets, plus awesome insider deals, and first crack at special cuts, and insider-only packages.

How do we offer these prices? The same way we do at Farmers Markets. By allowing you to purchase your steaks directly from the source – us!

Or Call 844-34-ANGUS (844-342-6487) X503.

Know Your Rancher, Know Your Meat

There are a lot of great reasons to become a Beef Champion, but one of the most important is that you’re directly supporting an independent, local ranch, and really getting to know your rancher. When you support our family business, you’re basically cutting out the middleman.

That means that more of the money for every steak, roast, or pack of steak burger you purchase from us ends up getting re-invested in our ranch, instead of going into the pocket of ‘Big Grocery,’ ‘Big Ag,’ or ‘Big Meat,’ or to a food or meat broker.

What is a food broker and why would you use one?

What’s a food broker? A food or beef broker is a sales agent who acts as a middleman between producers and buyers, negotiating sales with ranchers and wholesalers or retailers.

Now, it’s nothing personal. Beef brokers aren’t bad guys, but when we talk about eliminating the middleman, this is who we’re talking about. They’re trying to make a living in the food business just like the rest of us.

But their goal isn’t to bring you the most delicious beef possible; their job is to sell meat. If they work for a grocery chain, their job is to get beef cheap. If they work for a rancher, it’s to find as many outlets for the beef as possible.

A good meat broker may be knowledgeable about meat in general, and about agricultural practices in general. But she won’t be an integral part of the intensive, hands-on process we use to raise our mouth-watering, tender steaks and juicy burger.

Now, a lot of ranchers feel like they need to work with a broker in order to stay afloat. And we understand why folks feel that way. But we believe this is part of the perpetual race to the bottom.
These practices lead ranchers to undertake agricultural and business practices that cut their costs, but are generally less ethical, not as good for the cattle, and not conducive to responsible stewardship of our land.

And most importantly to you, the steaks, roasts and burger just aren’t as tasty.

It’s also just more red tape that comes between you and your steak. One more layer that makes it tougher for you to have confidence that your beef is being raised humanely and ethically.

Why Beef Champion Meat By Mail?

When you buy meat by mail directly from your rancher, you have a much more direct link to the beef you’re buying. You’re investing directly in the animal-friendly, environmentally responsible techniques we use to raise our cattle, and the ethical business practices that have helped us succeed for over 15 years.

At the same time, you’re helping to ensure that you have access to our delicious grass-fed, dry-aged Black Angus steaks, roasts, and burgers.

Meet the Ranchers!

Michelle and Joe run the business together in Larkspur, Colorado, where they live and work with their 5 kids, a miniature pony, a miniature steer, horses, chickens and more.
Snow Creek Ranch is a multigenerational ranch. Michelle’s late father, Doc, his wife Glenda, and the crew at the ranch raise all of our cattle on the ranch Doc built in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Doc got started in the business because he just loved eating. He was sort of a country foodie, before being a country foodie was cool. He especially loved good beef, and it stuck in his craw that high-end restaurants and their wealthy customers got first (and second, and often last) crack at the really good stuff.

Now, Doc was a little driven, so when he got an idea, he tended to grab onto it and hold on tight. In this case it worked out great for all of us, because he decided he would try to figure out for himself what set really good beef apart from just OK beef.

Once he figured out the secret, he decided that it would be fun to raise the cattle himself. And to make an end run around the meat brokers, grocery chains, big restaurants and so forth, he decided he would sell this delicious beef directly to the public at farmers markets.

Which brings us to Beef Champion.

Or Call 844-34-ANGUS (844-342-6487) X503.

Our Farmers Market customers just love Snow Creek Ranch Steaks. But we can only be in so many places at once. Michelle and Joe would love to bring our amazing steaks to even more of the meat-loving public, so we’ve initiated the Beef Champion program.

Here’s the short version of our new meat by mail initiative:

  1. Complete your application — We need a couple of details to get you on the waiting list.
  2. Make a deposit — Once a month, make an automatic deposit of $48, $64, or $116 & build up your balance.
  3. Get Beef! As often as you’d like, withdraw beef against your balance. We’ll deliver it directly to your door.

It’s the easiest way to get our mouth-watering beef all year round — even after farmers markets shut down for the year.

Beef Champions are directly supporting an independent business, and contributing to the financial security of a multi-generational ranch,

Plus, you’re guaranteeing that the beef you put on your family’s table is fresh, ethically raised, and brought to market humanely, and without hormones, steroids or unnecessary antibiotics.

Of course, that’s not all. You also get insider prices, first crack at new cuts, access to Champion-only prices and more!

Next Time: Meet your Meat!

We’ll talk with you about how we raise our beef; why it’s so much more tender and tasty than supermarket or restaurant beef. Tune in!

Or Call 844-34-ANGUS (844-342-6487) X503.

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