Is Your Beef


Pasture-Raised On Native Grasses & Wildflowers

Our cattle are grass fed on Native prairie grasses which provide a variety of important nutrients. This helps to maintain their gut health by encouraging better absorption of the nutrients from their food.

Flax Finished for Your Health

We finish our cows on a specially designed feed program incorporating flax seed. Research shows that the pure white marbling of our flax finished beef has increased Omega-3 fatty acids (the good ones), and less cholesterol.

Truly Free Range

Our cows roam. With over 2500 acres of rotationally grazed pasture at their disposal, they’re free to wander almost anywhere, munching on native grasses and wildflowers.

We’re confident we have some of the healthiest, happiest cattle around, and therefore, some of the absolutely best beef!


We Have the Beef.

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