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Sustainably All Natural

For 15 months, our cows are free to graze native prairie grass and enjoy wide open skies. They’re given a specially formulated diet designed by Doc – the founder of our herd.

Our cattle are hand-raised to meet the highest standards possible for taste, tenderness and marbling!

No Hormones or Steroids. Ever.

While a program of regular growth hormones and steroids makes it up to 30% cheaper for industrial ranches to produce beef, we believe it is unhealthy for our cattle, and for you.

That’s why we never use hormones or steroids, and we only use antibiotics when we absolutely have to, like when we have a sick or injured animal.

Raised with Grandma's Love & Care

Ethical treatment of our animals is one of our core values. We don’t just say “Grandma kisses every cow.” She really does! We strive to raise a stress-free animal, because believe it or not, a happy cow makes a tastier steak.

We train our cowhands to be as silent as possible when they’re in the pasture – so no cell phones allowed! Sometimes we hand-feed them!


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