When new events need to be added to the events calendar, or an existing event needs to be edited, you can log in and make the additions/changes fairly easily. Here is the process:

  1. Log into the website at https://beef.snowcreek-ranch.com///wp-admin.
  2. Click “Events” in the left column (https://beef.snowcreek-ranch.com///wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=tribe_events).
  3. Edit an Existing Event
    1. To edit an existing event, use the search box to find the particular event.
    2. Moving your cursor underneath the particular name will give you a number of options, the most common being editing ALL of a recurring event or just one particular dated event. Select the appropriate one.
    3. The various data of the event is self-explanatory. Make your changes and press “update” when finished.
  4. Creating an Event
    1. Option 1: Copy a previous event. If much of the data is similar to a previous event, open the one you want to copy and press  “New Draft.” This will open a duplicate event where you can then make all the changes needed for the new event. Press save when finished.
    2. Option 2: Create a new event entirely by selecting “Add New” from the Events menu. All metadata will need to be entered. You can press “Preview” before going live, and you may also save the event as draft form if you are not ready to go live with the event.

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