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Grandma Glenda on Our Attitude Toward Our Cattle

Grandma explains all while hanging out with her girls, "The Dirty Dozen". Yeah, she's right in there with them while sitting on her lawn chair. Hillarious. Would be dangerous with any other herd. Grandma explains how we are calm, quiet, and gentle around our cattle - always. We are around the cattle on a daily basis. It's a great time to make your cell phone calls. These animals are hand fed and really cared for.

Posted by Snow Creek Ranch Steaks on Monday, November 1, 2010

The reason Grandma Glenda kisses all those cows is because – believe it or not – they’re more than just meat to us. Each and every one of them represents our livelihood, and our connection to the land and Creation.

Humanely Raised – When we say we treat our animals humanely, we’re not kidding. Each of our ranch hands is specially trained to approach the herd as quietly as possible. We don’t even take cell phones out on the range! Our cows are TRULY free range. We have over 3500 acres of Kansas prairie, and they’re free to roam anywhere on the ranch they see fit. We strive to be good stewards of the herd, and to produce healthy, happy cattle.

Purity of Breeding – Because Doc was such an innovative breeder, over time, our herd has become more and more genetically pure, and more and more delicious. And those amazing genetics are a key part of our success. We produce healthy animals that are resistant to diseases, and live a happy, low-stress life, full of fresh grasses and wide-open blue sky.

Good Stewards – One of our most important values and tasks is to take care of the land we’re blessed to work. That’s why we use rotational grazing to minimize the need for chemical fertilizers on the pasture. It’s why Doc was intimately familiar with every kind of grass and wildflower on the prairie. It’s why we treat each cow as an individual, and not just a unit of beef on a spreadsheet. Snow Creek Ranch is our Sacred Trust and our labor of love. 

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