Reach Your Fundraising Goals Quickly, with Pasture-Raised, Dry-Aged Black Angus Steaks, Roasts & Burger.

Snow Creek Ranch Beef is a great fundraising tool, empowering your organization to meet or exceed its goals within a discrete and short sales window, and with a minimum of planning. Our product is not just high quality, but gourmet, renowned up and down Colorado’s Front Range for outrageous flavor, tenderness, and marbling. Plus, it’s something your Boosters need anyway – you’ve just saved them a trip to the grocery store!

Fundraising Packages Available September Through May

We provide everything you need to plan and execute a profitable, healthy, and delicious campaign, including order forms, time-tested sales talking points and Ranch information, a full-color poster and more.

We’ll even put together a fun kickoff party, where your Team Members can get together to try some samples of our World Famous Steak Burger, and to get some pointers from our experienced sales staff about how to sell our beef.

It’s simple, 100% risk-free, and appropriate for Team Members of almost any age!

  1. Simply determine your fundraising goal & establish the number of Team Members participating in the sale
  2. Download your Fundraising Tool Kit
  3. Set your sales dates (we recommend no longer than 2 weeks)
  4. Start selling and get up to 40% return on your investment!

It really is that easy. We’ll support you every step of the way, helping you determine minimum sales goals for each Team Member, providing sales materials, and helping to organize a fun and exciting pickup day!

Because we have a sterling reputation up and down the front range, and because we fully stand behind every steak, roast, and burger patty we offer, your team members can sell with confidence!

The Beef

Snow Creek Ranch Steaks and Roasts are hand-selected from cattle that are 98% genetically pure Black Angus. We let them roam free at the Ranch, grazing on the native grasses and hay available in the area – as happy, free, and yes – content – as a cow is supposed to be!

Then for the last 3-6 months before we go to market, we finish our cows up on a proprietary blend of flax, oats, and barley. This creates the beautiful marbling our steaks are famous for, and enriches each bite with healthy Omega 3 oils. And with marbling comes flavor and juiciness.

Every cut of our beef is dry aged for 21 days – including the gourmet cuts that go into our World-Famous Steak Burger – then flash-frozen to preserve freshness.

New York Strip Steaks

Approximately 1 pound of mouth-watering and tender beefy goodness. This famous cut is one of our signature steaks, perfect to surprise your honey with on date night, or great to toss on the grill for a casual night in.

Top Sirloin Steak

Weighing in at around a pound and a quarter, this hefty cut is perfect for those Boosters with big appetites. A bit leaner than some of our other delicious prime steaks, it’s as heart-healthy as a hunka hunka red meat can be!

Boneless Chuck Roast

This 3-pound comfort food staple is the perfect solution for when the whole family is hungry for intense beefy flavor. Toss it in the slow cooker with some stock, vegetables, and seasonings for a shot of warmth and nostalgia – just like grandma used to make!

World-Famous Steak Burger

Our burger is renowned far and wide, from New York City to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. We have it on good authority they even love it in deepest Africa!

Steak Burger Patties

One pound bulk burger is perfect for chili or tacos, while our mouth-watering 1/3-pound patties are so convenient you don’t even need to thaw them out before you throw them on the grill or into your skillet.

Sampler Pack – 1 NY Strip, 1 Top Sirloin, 1 Chuck Roast, 4LBS Bulk Burger

Steak Pack – 1 NY Strip, 1 Top Sirloin, 1 Chuck Roast, 4LBS Bulk Burger

Roast Pack – 1 Chuck Roast, 4 LBS Bulk Burger

Burger Pack – 6LBS Bulk Burger

Slow Food — Not Slow Sales!

Slow food is the culinary craze that’s gently and ethically sweeping the nation. When you fundraise with Snow Creek Ranch, you’re doing so much more than just raising money for a great cause. You’re supporting sustainable agriculture, purchasing from an independent local business, and giving your boosters something healthy and wholesome to cheer about.

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