Snow Creek Ranch Fundraising Sale FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Fundraising Program

How Do I Sign My Organization Up for Snow Creek Ranch Fundraising?

Easy! Just visit the fundraising section of our website, and complete the form. One of our fundraising representatives will make contact with you within 2 business days to work out details.

Once We Have Start and End Dates For Our Sale, How Long Before The Start Do We Need To Contact Snow Creek Ranch?

When your group has nailed down the dates of your campaign, contact us at least 2 weeks in advance of your order date.

What Type of Sales Support and Materials Does Snow Creek Ranch Provide?

Once we have a signed agreement, and prior to the beginning of your sales period, Snow Creek Ranch will provide a kick off sampling party, which will allow your sales team to get to know the product.

We also provide a sales kit for you to download that includes a customizable poster, postcard-sized sales talking points for your sales force to take with them into the field, and a spreadsheet for each sales person to record their orders on. The poster and the spreadsheet include product photos.

How Long Does a Fundraising Sale Last?

We recommend a two-week sale.

Our Sale Is Over. Where and How Do We Get Our Beef?

At the end of your sales period, your group leader will collect all orders and turn totals in to Snow Creek Ranch. To control our delivery costs, Snow Creek Ranch will not deliver orders less than our minimum of 100 packs.

Product delivery is typically made 7 days after you submit your order forms. Orders are delivered to a central location chosen by the organization, within 50 miles of Larkspur, CO. We will make every attempt to meet your organization’s delivery date and time requests, but offer no guarantees. 

We will work with you to set up a pickup station where sales people or their families can pick up their orders for delivery.

How Does the Beef Come?

Our beef is delivered frozen. Steaks and roasts are individually vacuum sealed and are freezer or grill-ready. Burger comes in one-pound bulk packages or 2-pound packages of patties. Beef should be used or frozen immediately upon delivery for maximum flavor and freshness.

If products cannot be delivered immediately, they must be placed in freezer storage.

Your downloaded sales kit will include a postcard-sized handout detailing handling instructions.

Do We Buy The Meat Ahead Of Time?

No; there is no upfront sales requirement. You only purchase the meat you sell. 

How Do You Determine the Fundraising Total?

At the end of your sale, your organizer or point person will collect order spreadsheets from the participating sales people, tally the sales, and submit totals to your Snow Creek Ranch fundraising representative. We will calculate the total gross sales, and subtract out the agreed-upon percentage that remits to your organization. 

Your organization will then submit a check to Snow Creek Ranch Beef in the amount of the difference between gross sales and the percentage of sales subtracted above. Your organization keeps up to 40% of gross sales. 

Do You Have Cooking Tips or Recipes?

Yes! Please visit our blog for recipes, cooking tips, Ranch news, and industry trends. 

After The Fundraising Sale Is Over, How Do I Get More Snow Creek Ranch Beef?

After the fundraising sale is over, visit the sales section of our website, choose your favorite steaks, roasts, burger, or specialty cuts, or check out our value packages.

Once you’ve made your selection, simply call or email us. 844-34-ANGUS X503, or Travitt@SnowCreek-Ranch.Com.

Is Your Beef Available in Stores?

No. But don’t worry! Snow Creek Ranch Free Range Beef is available online, and at Farmers Markets throughout the Denver Metro area from May through November, and through our beef CSA program, Beef Champion.

To purchase beef, visit our sales page

To become a Beef Champion, visit Beef.SnowCreek-Ranch.Com/Beef-Champion and sign up.

For our Farmers Market Schedule visit our Events Page.

How Do We Set a Fundraising Sales Goal?

With the discounts we offer our fundraising partners, your organization has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. 

To determine your fundraising sales goal, first you’ll need to determine your overall fundraising goals and determine how much of that goal you’d like to meet with a beef sale. 

To give you an idea of the potential funds you could raise, we’ve developed the following scenario. 

  1. First we assume that each participant will sell ONLY our 1LB Steak Burger Packs. This is our least expensive option and we assume your participants can sell 2 packages apiece to 10 relatives, friends, coworkers, etc.
  2. Then determine the number of participants. For school clubs, bands, and teams we recommend requiring all members to participate. 
  3. Multiply the number of participants by the number of Burger Packs. 
  4. For each 1LB Burger Package your organization gets to keep $5, so multiply the number you got in step 4 by $5, and you’ll have both a total goal for your organization, and a very achievable goal for each individual member of your sales force.

With 50 participants, using this methodology, each member would only need to sell 20 packs to net your organization $5000. (Each member sells 2 packs of Steak Burger to 10 customers. 50 x 20 = 1000 packs Steak Burger; 1000 x $5 = $5000). 

We Have the Beef.

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