Old Fashioned Beef Flavor… The Way Doc Likes It!

What’s the Secret to That Intense, Beefy Flavor?

Remarkably Large Ribeyes – This is our signature steak. And thanks to our herd’s unique genetics, our Ribeyes are some of the largest around (average weight is about 1.3LBS), most incredibly marbled and delicious you’ll ever taste.

Beautiful Snow Fleck Marbling – Amazing DNA, combined with our special feed program, produces amazing Intra-Muscular Fat (IMF) – AKA Marbling. It’s what makes your Snow Creek Ranch Steak so tender and flavor-packed.

21 Days of Dry Aging – A great steak takes time. That’s why we dry age our beef for 21 Days. This extra care makes our beef incredibly tender, gives you that intensely beefy, steak house flavor, and even saves you a little money in the water weight you’re not paying for.

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