About Our All Natural Beef

Snow Creek Ranch all natural beef is hand-crafted to meet the highest standards possible for taste, texture and marbling – yours!

Minimally processed and raised with no additional hormones or antibiotics, our free range beef is pastured up until harvest time. We never go to a feed lot, and we don’t use corn or soy.

For the first 18 months, our cows are free to graze, enjoying wide open skies, the companionship of the herd, and native prairie grasses. For the last 45 days or so before harvest, we switch to a special, top-secret diet, specially formulated by our own rancher and founder, Doc.

This isn’t the least expensive or easiest way to bring you mouth-watering steaks, roasts and burger – just the best!

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Find out more about why Snow Creek Ranch Steaks provides the best all natural beef on the market.

All Natural Beef

Why do you say your product is ‘all natural beef,’ instead of ‘organic? Because that is a USDA-regulated claim, and we don’t believe we should relinquish our accountability to the government in any way.

Also, with USDA regulation for terms like “organic” there are potentially inhumane restrictions and requirements. For example, if an animal is hurt from something as innocent as scratching herself against a tree and the cut gets infected, to keep your herd “organic” you’d either have to separate the animal completely from the herd to treat her with a topical anti-biotic ointment or you’d have to not treat her at all.

Since cattle are herd animals, we believe it is inhumane to separate the hurt ones from the herd. When called for, we choose to treat hurt animals in the best way we know how.

Free Range Beef

Healthy cattle roam. It is inhumane to cram them into a small space and pump them full of antibiotics and recycled proteins. Not only is it inhumane, it is not healthy. Snow Creek Ranch itself is a 3500-acre ranch and within it, our cattle are totally free range. Beef is meant to roam free and graze at will. We ensure that our animals have the freedom to do so.

Much of the ranch has already been reverted to natural prairie grasses indigenous to the area. Weeds can’t compete against these grasses, so we don’t need herbicides. We don’t use pesticides to kill the bugs, because we like ’em. The quail especially like the bugs, and Doc loves the quail because they are great for training his dogs on their way to becoming world champion pointers.

We believe this environment is safest and healthiest for the ecosystem on our ranch, and in turn, healthier and more delicious for you!

Flax Finished

Research from the Kansas and Iowa State Universities has shown increased marbling and increased omega-3 fatty acids (the good ones) in beef raised with flax seed oils, so we have added a natural flax seed oil supplement to our program. So not only does Snow Creek Ranch beef taste better, it’s better for you.

No Hormones, No Steroids

Sure, a program of regular growth hormones and steroids makes it cheaper (up to 30% cheaper!) for ranchers to put beef on your table, but knowing some of the ramifications of such a common feed lot practice makes it impossible for us to follow such practices. We’re committed to producing safe beef fit for our children and yours, even if it costs more to do it.

Dry Aged 21 Days

Most free range beef on the market is not aged at all, and the all natural beef that is aged is usually wet-aged.

Why does this matter? Have you ever grilled some burger or a steak from the store and were surprised at how much it shrank? It could be that was wet-aged. The aging process naturally shrinks the beef mass. To keep the beef heavier so there’s more to sell, some outfits regularly spray their aging beef with water. Yep, you end up paying for water weight.

Not with Snow Creek Ranch beef. You’ll always get a properly dry-aged beef product for maximum value and maximum flavor!

Direct From Our Family Ranch

Snow Creek Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch. We (and you) know where every animal comes from… Right here!

Uncle Sam is not responsible for our beef. We are.

Pure Black Angus

Taste the rich difference in our top-of-the-line premium Angus beef raised the old-fashioned way. Our herd has some of the top bulls and cows in the entire breed.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that we’re a family farm. Doc (Papa) is one of the premier and most innovative breeders in the biz.

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