About Us

The Snow Creek Ranch Family
(on the ends) Will & Ben; (in back) Papa, Joe, & Michelle; (in the middle) Annabelle & Little Joe; (in front) Grandma Glenda & Mick

We are Joe and Michelle Kopriva. We live just outside Larkspur, Colorado with our 5 kids, and share the land with our trusty horses, chickens, dogs, and cats. Snow Creek Ranch is our labor of love. For 3 generations now, we’ve been raising and selling the most amazing Black Angus beef available.

What makes our beef so special?

We think that Snow Creek Ranch beef is the best there is. And we’re making it just for you!

You may ask, “Don’t the high-dollar restaurants get the best beef? What about the rich and famous? Don’t they get all the good stuff?” Well, maybe they used to but not anymore. You see, Snow Creek Ranch is like most other family farms… a Mom-and-Pop shop (Grandma Glenda and Papa). We fly way under the radar of the big guys. And Papa likes it that way! But there is one thing that sets us apart from the others.

Papa has a passion for beef… good beef. He couldn’t stand that only the high-end restaurants were getting all of the best cuts from the best beef. He thought the rest of us should be able to get some of that too without having to go out for the evening to get it. I suppose he likes staying close to the ranch. So when he started looking into what makes the good ones so good, Papa started getting the idea of growing the very best beef possible. And if he could achieve that, then he’d make it available directly to the consumer straight from the family farm.

This tradition of excellence began when Michelle’s folks, Doc and Glenda, bought a few head of cattle to raise for friends and family on Doc’s ranch near Coffeyville, Kansas. Thanks to Doc’s expertise in genetics, over time the cattle became more and more pure. And more and more delicious.

Today, our family works hard to bring our pasture raised, dry-aged beef direct to you – our customers.

He’s done it, and now we say that Snow Creek Ranch beef is the best there is. When you can be sure your beef comes from healthy animals that were fattened on grass and grain on the range and weren’t pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics, when your steak cuts like a hot knife through butter, and when your burger melts in your mouth, then you can call that the best beef there is. We call that “SCR Steaks”.

What makes beef good eatin’?

It comes mostly from tenderness, marbling, and steaks.

How tender is great beef? That really boils down to individual taste. But we do know that the more tender the beef is, the more we like it. The tenderer, the better! Thanks to some ground-breaking research, we now know which genes to look for to increase the likelihood of greater tenderness in the beef we raise here at Snow Creek Ranch.

Today it’s popular to say that we don’t want a lot of fat in our diet, but the more inter-muscular fat (IMF or marbling) in our beef, the more we seem to like it. Besides, there seems to be some rumblings around about grass fat actually being good for you. At the ranch we use ultra-sounding to actually see how we’re doing on the marbling before we drive the cattle to town.

Burgers are great, but what we really crave are thick, juicy steaks! Not all breeds or pedigrees produce the same amount of steak per beef. Our selected pedigree is proven to produce more steaks per beef than 99% of all the others in the Angus breed, and the Angus breed tends to produce more steaks per beef than any other breed. So when you order a side or a quarter – or an entire beef – you’re getting a great value.

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